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For over 13 years Duncan has been busily producing his video lessons for those that are keen to learn the English language.


Here you will find the playlists for all my video lessons

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2006 - 2018
My English
Video Lessons 
lots of classic lessons from my video archive

101 videos

Full English
fun and vivid
lessons with lots of new words and phrases

40 videos

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English Topics
with interesting subjects and lots of new words and phrases

22 videos

website playlist word stop.jpg
The Word Stop
useful and important words explained clearly to help your vocabulary grow

47 videos

website playlist english addict.jpg
watch my live 'English Addict' lessons again and relive all the fun

active list

website playlist popular.jpg
Popular Lessons
A selection of my most viewed English video lessons

12 videos

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31 Days of
October 2019
yes, there are 31 lessons made for my 13th anniversary on 31st october 2019 

31 videos

website playlist ask misterduncan.jpg
Your questions concerning all areas of the English language

33 videos